Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blueberries - Rabbiteyes

This is very basic overview about rabbiteye blueberries. In general blueberries prefer colder climates which can be a problem for those of us here in Georgia. Lucky for me someone was smart enough to breed some plants that are well adapted to our area.

The blueberries I settled on are called rabbiteyes. Rabbiteyes are perfect for zones 7-9 (the higher the zone the warmer the climate. Since I live in north Georgia (which is in zone 7) I figured this variety would be perfect.Rabbiteyes are self infertile and require at least two types to pollenize each other. My original purchase was a package of six from Stark's that included three Tifblue and three Climax. Both these varieties are great producers and should start producing in their third year. Yields from 10-15 pounds per plant can be expected.


  1. [...] than animals. Besides laying hens (which we don’t consider hard animals to raise) and the blueberries we already mentioned we also planted some [...]

  2. Have you planted any Southern Highbush called Jubliee.
    We grow then in North Ga.

  3. I have not. I have planted Climax and mostly Tifblue. I'm mostly raising the Tifblues and using Climax for pollination. I have some unknowns that someone gave me that I'm using for pollination as well. I my add a Southern Highbush once my others are established but am waiting or my first round experiment to come through.

  4. All those kind do great in NGA. Be careful plant them high out of clay soil and keep
    Lime away from your plants.

  5. My soil is pretty good. It's not too bad about clay. I've also got some soil acidifier if I need it. When do you fertilize yours?