Thursday, February 14, 2008

Beekeeping - Top Bar Hives

In this journey of finding the right beekeeping equipment I had finally decided on 8-frame medium supers. Everything looked very logical but price was an issue. Hives alone would be $250.00 with bees and other items running up to a total of $500.00.

Along comes the top bar hive. This is a much more basic hive but will still do anything we want it to do. We wanted to avoid chemicals in our wax. All the wax in a tbh is made by the bees, not store bought with possible chemical contamination. This hive isn't built for commericial keepers, it's built to be a natural bee enviornment.What's really neat is that I can build two hives for about $80.00. Much more economical.

Check out James Satterfield's top bar hive information.

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