Tuesday, March 11, 2008

John C. Campbell Folk School

Against the backdrop of the world's most ancient mountains is a special kind of place . . . A place where history lives . . . where tradition lingers . . . where people come together to discover their creative spirit.

That special place is the John C. Campbell Folk School. Nestled on 380 acres in a rolling valley, the Folk School offers visitors a chance to experience a special blend of history, art and natural beauty.

Journey through time in our History Center, where 20th Century Appalachia is on display. From the old bench where the world-famous Brasstown Carvers began, to the original photographs of world-renown photographer Doris Ulmann, you'll discover the rich heritage that has made the Folk School an historical landmark.

Or, browse through our Craft Shop, featuring the juried work of over 300 local and regional artists. A founding member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, our shop is a destination in itself.

And, while you're here, meander down our woodland trails and visit our studios where people just like you are creating their own works of art and discovering their spirit in the heart of Appalachia.

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  1. I get the catalog regularly--I figure it's a bit like heaven! I hope to get up there some day.