Monday, April 28, 2008

Beekeeping - Hives are ready

Finally found the time to get my hives done. I've had plenty of time to read, study, and ask questions on the forums so I feel really good about my setup.

Beekeeping, beehives, honey bees, honey bee, honey

I wanted the hives to be something besides white. I also want my girls to have ownership in the project so I let them loose with the brushes. The best helpers around!

I'm really excited about these hives. Counting paint I have about $40.00 each in them. If I hadn't been so picky I could have built them out of scrap but I wanted my first hives to have that something extra.

Beekeeping, beehives, honey bees, honey bee, honey

You can see in the pictures below my basic setup. I have an electric fence to keep the bears out. I am also setup to have a top entrance or I can use a bottom entrance with the holes. I don't have my bars in yet so the lid fits flush.

Beekeeping, beehives, honey bees, honey bee, honeyThis is the view through my biggest blueberry bush. I know they are not the bees favorite but I have visions of thousands of bees pollinating my fruits and vegetables. I should have my bees by this weekend and bee a beekeeper for real!


  1. Very cool! How long until they start making honey?

  2. They look great and I love the colour, too! I picked up a gallon of mis-tinted exterior stain at Home Depot for $9 to do mine with. It's grey, but it should help weather protect the wood. There's no way I was going white with mine, either.

    I don't get my bees until June. :-(

  3. Chris,

    The bees should start making honey right away if there is a nectar flow. If I get to harvest any the first year it will be fall.

  4. Where did you get the plans for the top frame hives? I want to build one. Thanks!!! wisconsin

  5. Hey John,

    The site and hives look great.
    It is fantastic that the kids are involved.
    Best of luck.

  6. Looks like you did a nice job. Good luck with them.