Saturday, May 24, 2008

Beekeeping - Inspection 05/24/08

Had several things on my mind for this inspection. My dad assisted again. It's nice to have an added pair of hands and thoughts.

How was hive N1 responding to the added brood?

  • Seems that the N1 bees were doing well. They are flying really well and the frame of brood I put in is 3/4 full of brood. The hive is full of uncapped nectar. I mean really full. They do seem to have a place to lay now.

What was the status of the two queen cells in N1?

  • The queen cells in N1 were both empty. One had the capping chewed away and the other had a flap like something had chewed around the outside of the capping and opened it up like a door. My assumption is that the one with the flap was the loser and she was cut out by the bees. From seeing this we assume that we were queenless in this hive like we feared but now one on her throne. We looked but did not find her. The bees are working away and seem happy so we take this to mean they are not queenless.

Was N1 taking any sugar syrup?

  • N1 had eaten all of her syrup this week (just 1.5 pints). I made up more and put 3 pints in this time. Also added 3 pints to A1. I want them building comb and figure this is the best way to keep them going.

How were both A1 and N1 doing with comb building?

  • A1 has built out two complete bars in 17 days. N1 has built out 1 complete bar. N1 still has nuc frames to build out as well. Overall these bees seem to be poor comb builders. Is that typical of Russians?

How can I stop bees from coming out the side of the frames and out a crack under the top?

  • Purchased some black fiberglass screen from Wal-mart, layed it over the top of the bars and frames. When the top is put on this makes a barrier so the bees cannot get out under the top from inbetween the frames. Was the easiest solution I could come up with.

Dad saw something that looked like a little roach and knocked it onto the ground. I never saw it. Was hoping it wasn't a small hive beetle. Looked for others/damage. Saw none.

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