Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beekeeping - Quick Inspection 05/13/08

Got 5 frame nucs. Bees first full day was Wednesday. Put in feeders on Saturday and added 4 tops bars. Added 2 in the brood area on the ends and 2 in the honey area. Inspected today. Several bees were concentrating on the popsicle sticks in the honey area. I assume they are ready to build wax. Pulled a bar in the brood area and it was close to built out! I removed the feeders as they had been totally ignored.

I can't believe how fast they can build. They had some building left to do in the original frames and they got this done as well. Tulip Poplars are almost full bloom and blackberries are full bloom. Mountain laurel almost open and sourwood coming next month! Already saw about 1/4 frame of honey. Dark like tulip poplar. If you can't tell I'm very excited.

My dad thinks these TBHs are great. He was amazed at how they are doing. Even my weaker hive is flying like gangbusters. What a difference 3 days makes.

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