Sunday, December 21, 2008

Idaho - Java's 'Bowl of Soul'

Java in Ketchum, Idaho.

Am visiting Mandi's dad, Sam, in Ketchum, Idaho. Most people know the area as Sun Valley because of the ski resort but the main town here is Ketchum. Not very big but since it's a ski resort there is a lot of fun things to do here even if you don't ski. We do enjoy skiing and I'm sure I'll post on that later.

This morning I got up and had breakfast with the family and then decided to go out and have some quiet time. My favorite coffee shop is Java and that's because they have the 'Bowl of Soul'. I think Java is just an Idaho institution. I've never seen or heard of one outside the state but I could be wrong.

The 'Bowl of Soul' is hard to describe. They don't advertise the ingredients but you can taste cocoa, cinnamon, and many other spices. It's made like a latte but calling it a latte is almost insulting. It's by far the best coffee drink I've ever had.

Town this morning was pretty quiet. Light snow with much more on the way (14" expected). Sat down with my Bowl and read Proverbs 3 and some on renewing the mind. A great way to spend the morning. If you are ever in Idaho look around to see if you can find a Java and a 'Bowl of Soul'.

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  1. John,

    Have fun out there with the family. Sounds like a good way to spend the morning.

    when you get back, love to hear more about the farm you guys are growing up there. Interested in doing that myself in 2009.