Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chickens - New Coup


My friend Michael had a chicken coup he built at a place he was renting. Since he had moved he wasn't using it and he took it down and reconstructed it here at the house. It's a great coup with four built in laying boxes, plenty of roosting space, and enough headroom where I can stand up inside. We hope to have 8-12 laying hens when we are at full speed.

Another friend gave me the 10'x10' dog lot. We took apart one corner and then attached the sides to the chicken coup. Michael put in a lot of sweat equity and buried some fencing a foot deep all the way around. I put up some netting across the top to keep predators out from that direction.

It's right next to our shed where we'll have feed storage and a rain barrel. Should make it much easier to take care of them.


  1. So are you going to keep using the Chicken Tractors?

  2. We're not sure. Right now it's for temporarily holding birds we are separating from the main flock. You interested?

  3. Thats is taking advantage of what you have at hand. Nice combo of a dog run and chicken coop. I like the fact that you can stand up in your coop.

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