Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Shed

Shed and yardHave been very excited the past few months about building a new shed. I've been very blessed to have my dad help me out a lot with it and my friend Michael pitched in some free labor as well. Phase 1 has turned out very nice. Stall width is 12 feet and depth is 14 feet. This gives a shed size of 36 feet wide by 28 feet deep. We left enough room on the left to add another 12 feet of width if we need it.

Shed FrontThe current plan is to build a workshop in the back right and back middle stalls. It will include workbench space, table saw, band saw, and a radial arm saw. I'll also have an area setup for woodcarving, both hand and power carving. The rest of the shed will be used for shelves, hanging tools, and keeping things dry.

Rain BarrelSince the shed is higher than most of our property we plan to catch the rain water and use gravity to water the yard and other plants. I found a gentleman on Craigslist who was selling 275 gallon rain barrels pretty cheaply and was able to pick one up yesterday. I like the fact that the shed can be very multi-purpose including catching the rain off the top.


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  2. Wow John, nice shed and chicken coop. I love that coop, and I bet the chickens do too. Have you ever seen the chicken tractor at Mother Earth News? You should check it out, works great for lawn and garden.
    Hope the bees are doing as well as the chickens. :)

    God Bless You and Yours