Saturday, June 9, 2012

Critters in the garden

Had an exciting outing this morning in the garden. Went out to check everything over real well and tie up the tomatos and prune the suckers. We don't use tomato cages. Instead we have a post at each end of our tomato trenches and then tie string between the poles to support the tomatoes. It's a method we really like and continue to improve upon.

Anyway, while I was pruning the suckers off the tomatoes I noticed something on one of the plants. Lo and behold it was our old friend the tobacco hornworm. We don't have a huge problem with these but one is more than I want to tolerate. I found some hornworm poop on the ground but no more hornworms. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

I had the girls look him up in their Audubon book to properly identify him and then we got our photo. He was then summarily dispatched to the chicken pen. Free protein!

I continued my pruning and looked down and was about to step on a snake. I'm not afraid of snakes but really don't want to step on one either so I slowly backed away. Turned out to be a black rat snake which is great snake to have around. Very shiny and healthy looking. I quickly called the girls and they came over and we spent several minutes admiring him. With these around at least something is eating the rats. Still makes a man want to watch where he's stepping!

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