Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cucumbers Galore

We are growing way to many cucumbers this year. Total I probably have 30 vines representing 3 different varieties.

We mostly grow heirloom vegetables with seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. They are a group in Iowa who preserves heirlooms seeds for future generations. They have the most incredible selection of forgotten varieties that you have ever seen.

In the photo below are 2 varieties of cucumbers. On the left is the Poona Kherra. This is a varitey that originated in India. It starts out a very light, almost white, green. It changes color until it is brown and smooth like a potato. It has great flavor at any stage. It is my favorite cucumber.

The one on the right is Parade. Parade is a Russian variety that was mainly used for pickling. It is great fresh and does make good pickles. We really enjoy this one as well.

Not pictured is a variety called Double Yield. This is the first year I have grown it. It is also a pickling variety that is supposed to 'yield double' a normal vine. We'll see if it holds up and is as tasty as the others.

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