Saturday, June 9, 2012

Squash Bugs and Garbanzo Bean Flour

So my yellow squash is getting squashed by squash bugs. I never had an issue with then until last year. Last year I grew yellow squash and winter squash (sphagetti squash). They covered up both. Thousands upon thousands of squash bugs attacked until the squash plants were all dead.

I ended up chopping it all down, raking it into a pile (along with the 1000's of bugs running everywhere), and set it afire. I assumed this would end my problems, but no.

This year they are back. I've even started spraying them with Sevin (we hate poison) and that still hasn't slowed them down. All my first plantings are dead except three and they have produced no squash.

I ended up planting new plants in a different area and they are fine for now. I'm not sure how to eradicate them but hopefully they'll die out somehow.

My dad brought me some squash over so we could start enjoying some. We like to grill it and fry it. Today we went for fried. Mix in a little onion and yee-haa! My daughter has to eat gluten-free so she can't eat wheat. We bread with garbanzo bean flour. It's incredible. I love the flavor. If you've never tried breading with it then you are missing out. It also goes by the name 'besan'.

Good eats and bug squashing!

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