Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bryce Canyon

It's hard to pick a favorite canyon. We've seen the Grand, Bryce, and Zion on this trip. Grand Canyon is great but it's so big you can't really get a feel for it.

Our favorites truly are Zion and Bryce. I can't really choose between the two. Zion has a majesty and grace about it that is great. Bryce has a real alien feel. It's almost like being in another world.

I was here when I was 15. That was 28 years ago this year. It's been really fun to take the girls to the places I went as a child. They have been soaking it all in.

We went on a 3 mile hike among the 'hoodoos'. The girls have been doing great with their hikes and 3 miles isn't too long for them anymore. They've done up to 5 miles this year. The only problem with the Bryce hike was the trail came straight up out of the canyon for about 1/2 mile before it started any switchbacks. At 8,000 feet of elevation that will take your breath away.

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