Monday, May 5, 2014

Building a Chicken Coop

Last year I planted some fruit trees and got the through the year with little trouble.  However, around here you never know when the mighty whitetail deer will strike and I saw a few nibbles on some of my buds.  It was time to act.

I ended up putting up a 6 foot fence around the orchard.  I knew this would keep me from being able to bushhog in this section so I decided I would get back into the chicken business.  Chickens will keep the weeds and grass down,  provide eggs, and you can always put the ornery ones in the crockpot.

This meant I'd need to bury part of the fence and put in some other deterrents for dogs and coyotes.  I'd also need a small coop that could hold about 5 chickens.  I decided I didn't want to enter the fence to water, feed, or gather eggs.  I also would want to build as cheaply as what to do?

Luckily, there was a wooden box behind my shed that fit the bill (recognize it Michael?).  The conversion process has begun.  My next posts will show the coop and the watering and feeding systems I'll put in place.  All are easy to do and very cheap to implement.

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