Saturday, June 21, 2014

Garden Report 06/21/2014

Worked the garden this morning.  A little weeding, picked some beans, peppers, cucumbers, and squash, and tied up some tomato vines.  As I was working the tomatoes I saw some missing leaves and figured there was a pest around.  Then I saw the huge pods of pooh that can only mean hornworms.  Found three big ones.  Probably a few more around but there are hard to spot.  Fed them to the chickens.  They were so big they hardly knew what to do with them, but at least the worms met their end.

Mandi is currently frying up our first squash of the year.  Breading is oats and almond flour.  Good stuff.  Green beans have been roasted and ready to go with homemade yogurt dip.  Tastes great.  Cucumbers and peppers are just fresh eating right now.

Blueberries look great.  Apples are coming along.  Garlic is almost ready to harvest.  Overall it's a good year.

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